Rag’n’Bone Man: R’n’B в света на поп културата

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Дълбоки вокали, които ще ви отвеят от първия изпят тон. На 29. януари преди 36 години е роден Рори Чарлз Греъм, по-познат на публиката с артистичния си псевдоним Rag’n’Bone Man. Този псевдоним избира, вдъхновен от британския сериал „Steptoe and Son“, който разказва историята за бизнес с баща и син с „парцали и кости“. Ако обърнем внимание на главните букви в сценичното име на Греъм, ще забележим вплетено словосъчетанието RnB Man, което далеч не е случайно.

В света на поп културата е трудно да бъдеш запомнен извън рамките на най-известния ти сингъл, в какъвто се превръща песента „Human“ за Rag’n’Bone Man. Той обаче успява да докаже своя талант, превръщайки се в един от най-слушаните съвременни артисти. В музиката си съумява умело да комбинира блус, рок, R&B и инди елементи, които на моменти те карат да подскачаш в ритъм, а в други те разчувстват с дълбоки текстове. Именно на умението на Rag’n’Bone Man да пише собствените си послания към публиката ще насочим внимание ви в днешната статия. Ето кои са 10-те най-докосващи песни на един музикант с главно „М“!

Innocent man

It’s not my crime, why do I have to pay?

I’m doing time, this feeling I can’t shake

I’m lost in the suffering for nothing, my heart don’t understand

It’s beating for an innocent man


We bleed ourselves in vain

How tragic is this game?

Turn around, I’m holding on to someone

But the love is gone

Carrying the load, with wings that feel like stone

Knowing that we nearly fell so far now

It’s hard to tell

Bitter end

Too many years of battle scars

And now we’re broken

And all the words you said

Been hanging over my head for time

And all of the lines we’ve crossed

They’ve finally bust us open

As a thousand tiny paper cuts of life

As you are

I know we’ve all got our problems

And it’s a blessing that we made it here so far

If you lay here in these arms tonight I promise

I promise to take you, take you as you are

When I was reaching out in the dark

When the streets below just looked so far

When I forgot everything that I was

All I needed was your love


You musta been

Pushing your way so your headpiece is so big

You so rotten my brother, what a way to live

Top of the food chain, trucking the loose chains

But who are they to say you got no taste

You got no hold bars, mister know it all

A noble star, he don’t know that he won’t go far

Cuz he ain’t no fool, but he’s tucked up at night

With a belly full of “I’m so cold”, and that’s life


Some people got the real problems

Some people out of luck

Some people think I can solve them

Lord heavens above

I’m only human after all

I’m only human after all

Don’t put the blame on me

Don’t put the blame on me


You can’t fight the rain

Better get to like the rain

Clear skies right now

But tonight the rain will fall down

Drink the rain grow tall a flinch and drink away

You’ll fall prey to the water


Give me one good reason

Why I should not be thinking of leaving you now

Maybe I’m just foolish but I can finally see your true color now

You’re blacker than black

You’re colder than ice

And I don’t know who you are

You’re blacker than black

You’re colder than ice

And I don’t know who you are


I don’t wanna drown no more

Sick of the same old people

The kind that will sell your soul

Trade it for a shining stone

Ain’t nothing in this life for free

Running from the greatest evil

Finally gone on me

A man’s gotta fight temptation


Odetta, don’t you know

That you save this young man’s soul?

And he go watch you getting wise

And you go watch him growing old

You’re always searching for destruction

Now you bare the scars of a path in which you chose

Takes a brave and a stronger kind of woman

It’s far away such a broken man can go

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(За повдигане на купонджийския дух)


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