Father John Misty и 10-те му най-въздействащи песни

Сподели с приятели

Не беше лесна задача да сведа „най“ песните на този изпълнител само до 10. Няма да излъжа, ако кажа, че Father John Misty е един брилиянтен текстописец.
Безкомпромисен в своите текстове, той си позволява открито да изразява мнението си за човешката глупост, да критикува музикалната индустрия, политиката и религията. И въпреки, че са социално ангажирани, текстовете му са и много лични.
Някои хора ще се зачудят сега, как може човек, който има „отец“ в псевдонима си да е толкова критичен по отношение на религията. Josh Tillman израства в християнско семейство, където той е научен да вярва и да следва Бог. Преди да реши се занимава с музика, той дори иска да стане пастор, но се отказва. През 2017 той повдига темата за детската си мечта, казвайки: „Исках да съм младежки пастор за около 5 минути. После се сетих, че не харесвам деца и не вярвам в Бог.“ От ранна възраст той има интерес към музиката, и макар и да не му е позволявано да слуша любимите си артисти, още от малък се учи да свири на китара и барабани. Ранната му солова кариера започва през 2008 година под псевдонима J. Tillman, 2012 той създава алтер егото си Father John Misty или както той го описва, неговото по-истинско „АЗ“.

От тогава до днешна дата, под този псевдоним са издадени 4 албума, като и 4-те са невероятни и ги препоръчвам. Някои хора определят музиката му за скучна, но ако сте истински ценител смея да твърдя, че ще я видите като точно обратното на „скучно“.

10. The Palace 

Maybe I’ll get a pet
Learn how to take care of somebody else
Maybe I’ll name him Jeff
But I think it might defeat the purpose
Living on housekeeping and room service

9. In Twenty Years or So

Oh, I read somewhere
That in twenty years
More or less
This human experiment will reach its violent end
But I look at you
As our second drinks arrive
The piano player’s playing “This Must Be the Place”
And it’s a miracle to be alive
One more time
There’s nothing to fear

8. A Bigger Paper Bag 

It’s easy to assume that you’ve built some rapport
With a someone who only likes you for what you like yourself for
Okay, you be my mirror but remember there are only a few angles I tend to prefer
I’m only here to serve

7. When You’re Smiling and Astride Me 

I’ve got nothing to hide from you
Kissing my brother in my dreams or finding God knows in my jeans
You see me as I am, it’s true
The aimless, fake drifter, and the horny, man-child, Mamma’s boy to boot
That’s how you live free
To truly see and be seen

6. Bored in the USA 

How many people rise and say
“My brain’s so awfully glad to be here for yet another mindless day
Now, I’ve got all morning to obsessively accrue
A small nation of meaningful objects and they’ve gotta represent me too
By this afternoon, I’ll live in debt
And by tomorrow, be replaced by children?”

5. Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution

It got too hot and so we overthrew the system
‘Cause there’s no place for human existence like right here
On this bright blue marble orbited by trash
Man, there’s no beating that
It was no big thing to give up the way of life we had, oh

4.Total Entertainment Forever 

When the historians find us we’ll be in our homes
Plugged into our hubs
Skin and bones
A frozen smile on every face
As the stories replay
This must have been a wonderful place

3. Pure Comedy 

Oh, their religions are the best
They worship themselves yet they’re totally obsessed
With risen zombies, celestial virgins, magic tricks
These unbelievable outfits
And they get terribly upset
When you question their sacred texts
Written by woman-hating epileptics
Their languages just serve to confuse them
Their confusion somehow makes them more sure

2. Now I’m Learning to Love the War 

Try not to think so much about
The truly staggering amount of oil that it takes to make a record
All the shipping, the vinyl, the cellophane lining, the high gloss
The tape and the gear
Try not to become too consumed
With what’s a criminal volume of oil that it takes to paint a portrait
The acrylic, the varnish, aluminum tubes filled with latex
The solvents and dye

1. The Memo

Oh, caffeine in the morning, alcohol at night
Cameras to record you and mirrors to recognize
And as the world is getting smaller, small things take up all your time
Narcissus would have had a field day if he could have got online
And friends, it’s not self-love that kills you
It’s when those who hate you are allowed
To sell you that you’re a glorious shit
The entire world revolves around
And that you’re the eater, no not the eaten
But that your hunger will only cease
If you come binge on radiant blandness
At the disposable feast


От Илин Димитров