Discovering Europe with Erasmus +

Сподели с приятели

In every European youngster’s life comes the time to go on a Youth Exchange Erasmus+ project. Travelling across Europe (in my case – from Bulgaria to England and from England to Poland, don’t ask…), teen explorers tend to ask themselves what is beyond the famous tourist attractions. Well, the Faith brought me together with amazing open-minded people, ready to share intriguing places in their home countries!

Dominik, Czech Republic

Hi, my name is Dominik, I am from the Czech Republic and I will tell you about my favourite place for hanging out. This place is located in a small town called Hrádek, and it is tucked away behind a small hotel on top of a local mountain. I first came across this place on an Erasmus project and I fell in love with it. I have memories of love, happiness and fun connected to this place and I always love to visit it. My friends and I usually go camping here, we make a fire, play the guitar and just have fun, or we just go casually here to hang out or go climbing the local rocks. It’s pretty far from civilization so it’s perfect to escape the stress of everyday life.


Alex and Kristian (respectively), Slovakia, Martina Kukučína park in Dolný Kubín

I like this park because it carries sentimental memory for me. I used to always go there when i was younger. I would want to visit the peacocks and talk to them about what happened in the kindergarten and stuff. Everytime we went to get pizza (which is right in the park) I’d get up and meet the peacocks again. Now it’s a perfect place for hanging out, making picnics or just laying in the grass. Other than that, you can swing on the new swinging nets because the city knows it’s popular even nowadays!


For me, the park has more of a calming than sentimental value, since I didn’t really go there as a kid. But nowadays I feel like the park is some kind of calming harbour where you can go when you want to have a little break from everyday life. You can just sit on a bench or swinging net and watch the peacocks going on about their life. You can also just go there to get some food from a restaurant and then eat it in tranquil environment of greenery. In summer, there are often organized reading clubs for children. I think this park was one of the best projects our town could invest into.


Agata, Poland

I come from a small town near Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I grew up in the countryside located on the border of Kampinos, the largest national park in Poland. Despite the fact that I have spent the last ten years in a big city, it is this forest that has a very important meaning in my life and it is one of the places that gives me the greatest relief until now. Green trees spread for tens of kilometers, a desert of sand, the smell of forest undergrowth and mushrooms. The singing of birds, the rustling of leaves, a soft creaking sound as you step on the soft moss. I believe that nature in Poland has been blessed with incredible magic!



Leticija, North Macedonia, Mak Dance Studio

Every place has it’s own stories behind the facade. It can mean a start of something new where memories and people just keep building up. A place that has both amazing stories to tell and new upcoming possibilities, for me, is my dance studio. I have been present for 11 years of my life and witnessed too many changes and unforgettable moments. This place is where people from all different ages and backgrounds gather to create a beautiful form of art. Who knows how many hours of work and sweat have been put in in order to be successful! This is the place to express your emotions, regardless if you are angry, sad, overly excited … you put everything else aside and just dance your heart out in my dance studio.



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