Чет Фейкър, Ник Мърфи и неговите 10 най-добри песни


Ник Мърфи, по-познат на публиката като Чет Фейкър, е един  от най-интересните артисти на австралийската електронна сцена.
Когато започва кариерата си, Мърфи решава да възприеме артистичния псевдоним Chet Faker, защото на сцената вече има утвърдил се музикант с името Ник Мърфи.
Публиката го забелязва през 2011,  след кавър на No Diggity.  Година по-късно, през 2012, го забелязват и звукозаписните компании и  той  подписва с Downtown Records, където работи по първия си студиен албум “Thinking in Textures”.

Чет Фейкър или Ник Мърфи?

През 2016, Ник извести феновете си за смяната на сценичното си име. Във пост във Фейсбук написа, че от половин десетилетие създава музика под псевдонима Chet Faker, но следващият му проект ще е под собственото му име – Ник Мърфи. Постът завършва с “Чет Фейкър винаги ще бъде част от музиката”.

В нашата селекция ще откриете и Ник Мърфи и Чет Фейкър. И под двата подписа откриваме дълбока и магнетична музика, която буквално те отнася в друго измерение.  И след като я откриеш няма спиране. Някои от песните са буквално медитативни.  След като си пуснеш Drop The Game, трудно би добавил в плейлиста си някое мейстрийм клише.


10. Never No

It’s alright, save yourself
All I need is love
No one can tell me, no
No one can know
Where I belong now, where I should go
’Cause I take my hands out now
Don’t need no plans
I don’t understand


9. Blush

I should be calling, calling for your help
The question stands, is there somebody else?
Or am I falling, falling far from help?
Visions run across my scalp like insects in the night
The only thing to lose their way is the reason they’re in flight
Repetition plagues the room I’m living in at home
How does one remove the thoughts that dig a deeper hole?

8. Novacaine and Coca Cola

I look around, I tell myself it’s not something that I want
That I projected someone else
Make some sounds, do some pictures
Or some things that’s gonna help
That’s not mine, I don’t mind, that’s not mine
Now we need someone else to take the blame right now
No, we don’t need to lie to ourselves


7. Harry Takes Drugs on the Weekend

He’s no lover, but she seeks him out
Somehow that doesn’t make them feel self-doubt
She said, “I think the world is crazy”
He said, “I think I’d rather give up control”
And they knew this could work right now, to be together alone


6. Sanity

It’s been the longest year, you know?
Uh, tryna live on my own
With a certain kind of love
Oh, that I questioned that all
Couldn’t see the signs for help
Uh, said I didn’t know much better
Couldn’t see the limits to my health
Uh, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t

5. Melt

Help me breathe, you’re breaking up my speech
While you smile at me, you got the whitest teeth
You won’t leave me alone, every time I rest you’re in my head
Breaking bones, breaking bones
You make me lose my time, fall all over the words
I’m not the kind of one to lose myself in the hunt
You gotta move that body, that’s the shape I want
Everything you say is on fire
You’ve got the easiest position to destroy my life
All you have to do is arrive

4. Drop the Game

I’ve been seeing all, I’ve been seeing your soul
Give me things that I wanted to know
Tell me things that you’ve done
I’ve been feeling old, I’ve been feeling cold
You’re the heat that I know
Listen, you are my sun

3. Dangerous

And now what do I do? Maybe I’m dangerous
According to you, it could have been love with us
Was it all a lie? No, I’m keeping it all aside
I needed time, oh, I really need something right, oh

2. Gold

I might as well be in a garden
I said, uh, a smell in the air is a dripping rose (you can be the one for me)
Another soul to be my void then
Of anything there that’s made of gold

1. – I’m Into You- нашата номер едно, сред лириките на Чет Фейкър

I got a feeling we are gonna win
Our bodies make it perfect
And your eyes can make me swim
Then again, everything seems new
I can barely hold my tongue
To say the least, I’m into you
And your eyes
Are saying more than we can talk
And warmer than our bedroom sport
And your thighs
Are kisses from the outside, girl, that’s all I need

Щом сте изслушали и изчели всички наши, любими 10 на Чет Фейкър, значи ще приемете и един бонус.


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